Wednesday, November 29, 2006

G-Unit Records - New Albums Info

Young Buck - Buck The World

Buck The World is the sophomore album from G-Unit rapper Young Buck that is slated to release in February 2007.
Guests will include G-Unit, Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, T.I., Trick Daddy, B.G.,Bun B, Pimp C, 8 Ball & MJG, Eminem, D-Tay, C-Bo, Lil Scrappy, Project Pat, Prodigy, Jazze Pha, Trey Songz, Lyfe Jennings, and Nate Dogg.
The first "street" single was Do It Myself and is produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. The first official single is I Know You Want Me featuring Jazze Pha. The song made its debut September 20, 2006. The second single is 4 Kings featuring T.I., Young Jeezy & Pimp C, and is produced by Jazze Pha.
There will be 18 tracks on the album, and Dr. Dre has produced 3 of them, with other production from Akon, Hi-Tek, Timbaland, Lil Jon, Focus, Jonathan Rotem and Eminem.

Young Hot Rod - Fastlane

Fast Lane is the debut album of G-Unit rapper Young Hot Rod. The album already has leaked 4 songs. The first single released was "Be Easy" Featuring Mary J. Blige. The record was produced by Aftermath CEO/Producer/Rapper Dr. Dre. Be Easy made its debut on 106 & Park on September 29, 2006 The second single of the album is going to be Chase Da Cat featuring 50 Cent. Another released song is "Work It Out" featuring G-Unit labelmate Lloyd Banks. Another track produced by Beanz titled Fast Lane was leaked from the album. A track called "I Got Hoes" feat. 50 Cent can be heard on his offical Myspace.

Olivia - Second Chance

Second Chance is the name of Olivia's sophmore album, and her long awaited first G-Unit release. It was originally called "Behind Closed Doors", but the name was changed in order to start the album over. It will feature all new singles. The first single has yet to be determined. The previous singles, such as "Twist It" are believed to not be on the album. Sources say the whole album is being remade, starting with the name. It is expected to be released in late 2007 or possibly 2008. Guest appearances will include 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, and the rest of G-Unit.

Freeway - Free At Last
Free at Last is the sophomore album from rapper Freeway. It will executive produced by Jay-Z and 50 Cent and as a result will be release on Roc-A-Fella Records / Def Jam. It features production from Just Blaze, Lil' Jon, Kanye West, Chad Wes, Scott Storch, Dangerous LLC and Needlz. Guests will include Chad Wes Hamilton, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Black Thought, Nate Dogg, Scarface, Peedi Crakk, Young Buck, Lil Scrappy and others. The first single off the album is the Scott Storch produced song "Where You Been".

Spider Loc - The West Kept Secret

The West Kept Secret is the expected name of the debut album from Spider Loc.

It was originally to be released in late 2005 or first quarter 2006 "at the latest.". In an April 2005 interview, the artist stated he was "trying to get it out 4th Quarter, but realistically, 1st Quarter might be more probable", meaning the beginning of 2006. In a January 2006 interview, Spider Loc said, "I still don't have a release date, tentatively for the end of the summer. Who knows? I don't know. I ain't really tripping..." As of now, there is no release date. On his latest mixtape, he shouts "The West Kept Secret coming soon" in many of his songs. He will also have a track with Aftermath's Bishop Lamont, about their roots as rappers in the west.

The hypothetical album is to feature producers such as Sha Money XL, and Hi-Tek.
M.O.P. – Yearly Physical

Yearly Physical will be M.O.P's first album on G-Unit Records. Guests will include Young Buck, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Lil Scrappy, Bun B, Chamillionaire, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz, D-Tay, Mobb Deep, and Madball. The first single will be called "Murder Rate".

Prodigy (Mobb Deep) – The Return Of The Mac

The Return Of The Mac is believe to be the name of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy sophmore album, but it is also rumored to be his next mixtape. Not much is known about the album except the 1st single is Mac 10 Handel. The music video is available in Youtube and such. The album is expected to be released in either Nov. 29th, 2007. Not much is known about the guest appearence, but is expected to be featuring the other Mobb Deep rapper Havoc, most of G-Unit including 50 Cent, it is also expected to feature The Infamous Records family such as Nyce, Gail Gotti, and 40 Glocc, the album will probably feature many more guest appearances as well, such as B.G. Nate Dogg, Sean Paul, and UGK. Producers on the other hand are expected to include Havoc, Alchemist, The Neptunes, Sha Money XL, Jonathan Rotem, and many more.

G Unit – Locked & Loaded
Locked & Loaded is G-Unit's second group album has announced to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2007. The album will mainly feature the core of G-Unit, which consists of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo.

Tony Yayo – T.O.N.Y. (Talk Of New York)

T.O.N.Y. is the sophomore album by G-Unit member Tony Yayo. It is due out between December 2006 and March 2007. The album will feature guests such as 50 Cent, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, D12's Mr. Porter and more. Producers confirmed are Cool & Dre, Dr. Dre, Hi-Tek, Alchemist, Sha Money XL, and more. On Nov. 8th 2006 Tony Yayo sent out a Myspace bulletin announcing the tracklist, though he mentioned that a few tracks may be removed due to label issues and that Nelly Furtado's verse will most likely be removed. He said to expect the album before Feb. 2007.
The album is said to be more diverse than his earlier works. It is expected to mark a rebirth for G-Unit in terms of their commercial ventures.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Tupac Video Has T.I., Ashanti & Unseen Footage

Over the past decade, Tupac Shakur's fans have wondered what the rapper would be doing if he were alive today. During the filming of a video for Shakur's posthumous single "Pac's Life" in Atlanta early this month, his family and friends had their answers.

Some say he would probably be the most prolific rapper today; some say he would have given up the mic altogether and gotten into politics; others say Tupac Shakur the author would have been a sure bet.

"I think 'Pac is limitless [with] movies, poetry, writing, rapping," Ashanti, who sings the hook on the song, said in her trailer in between shooting. "He probably would have developed another route for all of us. I think he would be versatile in anything and everything."

Also on "Pac's Life" is none other than the King of the South, T.I. The project was particularly special to him: Not only is 'Pac one of his favorite MCs, but the shoot took place in Tip's backyard, at ATL's Tupac Shakur Center.

"I heard it's some of his best work," Tip said of Pac's new LP, the just-released Pac's Life. "I was blessed to record the single. It's an honor and pleasure to be involved with such a monumental artist. If you grew up in the '70s, you grew up listening to James Brown and Marvin Gaye. This is my Marvin Gaye and my James Brown.

"If you gonna represent the urban community in a positive light as well as reflecting all the negatives instances, I think you gotta start with 'Pac," he added.

The video was directed by Gobi Rahmi, who worked with Tupac in the past. "The concept of the video is what 'Pac's mom wanted: using this organic environment to kinda do homage to her son," said Rahmi, standing in the middle of the trees and grass of the Shakur Center. "We created this unique environment in which people are traveling to this central area, which is the statue and the fountain to [the trees], which is the climax of the video. Throughout the video, we've got performances of T.I. and Ashanti, and we're gonna see some never-before-seen footage of 'Pac I shot myself."

"Pac's Life" will air on Tuesday's "TRL."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Eminem Presents The Re-Up

Eminem has assembled his Shady Records roster — 50 Cent (who throws another jab at the Game on the title track, a duet with Slim Shady), D12 (Em's deceased best friend Proof has a solo cut on here as well), Obie Trice, producer/ DJ / part-time MC Alchemist and the newcomers to the family: Cook County, Michigan-born Ca$his and ATL's Bobby Creekwater and Stat Quo.

"The Re-Up joint, we're kinda putting out a mixtape and doing it as an album," Trice explained. "It's kinda like a compilation/mixtape, it's something different for hip-hop. You get to see the whole Shady roster showcase they skill. I'm looking forward to it on [December] 5th."

Look for a revitalized Em to stand out on the solo cuts "No Apologies" and "Public Enemy #1" while the rest of the gang drop solo tracks and collaborate on group efforts as well. Here is some scoop on Em's crew, told by, well, Em's crew.

Joints To Check For:

"Pistol Pistol" remix by Obie Trice. "The remix was recorded like I did 'Cry Now' and a few other joints after I was shot on New Year's Eve of last year," Obie said. "I felt like I wanted to vent. D12 was in the studio with me. Proof was there. They was letting me go for it. I was doing my thing. I just wanted to express myself. You feel like you been repping your city for the longest and this is the muthaf---in' thanks I get? It's a lot of haterism going on here, 'cause there ain't that many stars here in Detroit. So you see me or Proof at the time, it's a love/hate type of situation. If you're having a bad day and don't feel like being bothered, some people get offended."

"Everything Is Shady" by Ca$his. "I did that record the day after Proof's funeral. I was feeling like I was listening to how everybody was saying our camp was puttin' out flops," Cashis recalled. "I talked with Em and Obie and Creek, I don't like that bullsh--, so I made a record expressing how we felt. Like the hook say, 'We took a break for a minute, now we bangin'/ We been listening to every thing you been sayin'/ And now we comin' for everybody who been hatin'." I sent it to Eminem and he was feelin' it."

"There He Is" by Bobby Creekwater. "Yeah man, I hooked up with Alchemist," Bobby Creek said. "We was at his spot in New York. That particular beat hit me. I caught the hip-hop Holy Ghost for a minute. I had to stop for a minute and pick up the pen and pad. I vibed out. It turned out be a great cut."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

50 Cent Gets Soulful On New Album

Rapper 50 Cent plans to show off his soulful skills on his third album "Before I Self Destruct" after falling in love with Motown classics. The In Da Club hitmaker - real name Curtis Jackson - is planning to shock fans next spring (07) with his new sound. He says, "I want the music to sound like something I haven't done before so I needed to change the guys I worked with on the last project. "On my last album I stuck with what people have expected from me already but now I feel more comfortable to do something else. I've been listening to a lot of Motown stuff - Smokey Robinson - a lot of older music, so I got a lot of soulful loops. "I took material from some old, old records and recreated them."

Rumors are surfacing that 50's third album may be his last as a solo artist. The rumors continue that the LP may be released as a double-album (which may very well complete his 4-disc contract with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Ent. and Eminem's Shady Records).

Friday, November 24, 2006

Eminem Wins American Music Award

Eminem was one of the winners at the 2006 American Music Awards on Tuesday. He was favourite male rap/hip-hop artist.

Nas - Hip Hop is Dead Tracklist

1. "QB Tru G's" (featuring The Game) (Produced by Dr. Dre)
2. "Won't Go Back"
3. "You Mean the World to Me"
4. "Where Y'all At" (Produced by Salaam Remi)
5. "Play on Playa" (featuring Snoop Dogg) (Produced by Scott Storch)
6. "Carry on Tradition" (Produced By Scott Storch)
7. "Black Republican" (featuring Jay-Z) (Produced By L.E.S.)
8. "Still Dreamin'" (featuring Kanye West) (Produced by Kanye West)
9. "White Man's Paper (War)" (featuring Damien Marley) (Produced by Afrikan)
10. "Blunt Ashes" (Produced by Chris Webber)
11. "Hip Hop Is Dead" (featuring (Produced by
12. "Where are They Now?" (Produced by Nas & Salaam Remi)
13. "Let There Be Light" (featuring Tre Williams) (Produced by Kanye West)
14. "Can't Forget About You" (featuring Chrisette Michelle) (Produced by

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Game's First Week Sales

The Game's "Doctors Advocate" tops the HITS chart this week with almost 380k in sales, which was still more than 200k less than his first album.
That was enough to beat back the challenge for Senegal-turned-New Jersey rapper Akon, who rides two smash singles with Eminem and Snoop Dogg to a #2 debut with more than 286k in sales for his Konvicted album.
Next week’s releases, among others, are new Jay-Z's album, Snoop Dogg's "The Blue Carpet Treatment", and 2Pac's new album.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eminem Presents The Re-Up - More Info

It first began as a street mixtape project--an underground, unofficial CD with raw production values--designed to help launch new Shady Records artists Stat Quo, Ca$his and Bobby Creekwater. "But what happened is that the material was so good and the tracks were getting produced like a regular album," said Eminem. "Instead of putting it out there rough and unfinished, I thought we should add some other new tracks, make it a real album, and put it in the record stores to give these new artists a real boost." The album was executive produced by Eminem, who also produced the majority of the songs. A handful of ********** were produced by The Alchemist, who also compiled the album in true mixtape fashion. The Alchemist is best known for his work with Cypress Hill, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, and Jadakiss. Each of the tracks makes its official CD debut on Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, though Stat Quo's "Billion Bucks," and Obie Trice's "Cry Now" (Remix), produced by LT Moe, was recently released on mixtapes and to radio. The first single and video will be "You Don't Know" from Eminem, 50 Cent, Ca$his and Lloyd Banks. With Eminem and Ca$his from the Shady camp and 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks from G-Unit, the rap illustrates the unity of the two organizations.

The Re-Up also gave acclaimed hip-hop producer The Alchemist a chance to work with Shady's new regime. After joining forces on-stage as Eminem's DJ on last year's Anger Management 3 tour, Alchemist and the Shady camp began collaborating in the studio. This new album features the results of this anticipated collaboration with new tracks produced by The Alchemist featuring Stat Quo, Ca$his, Bobby Creekwater and Obie Trice.

Among the album's other recordings are "No Apologies" from Eminem; "Talkin' All That" from Ca$his; "City Of Gold" from Bobby Creekwater; "Murder" from Bizarre and Kuniva (both of D12); and The "Smack That (Remix)" with Akon.

Stat Quo, hailing from Atlanta, was signed to a joint deal between Shady Records and Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment after Eminem and Dre heard him on the Underground Atlanta mixtape series. Creekwater, also from Atlanta, was inked after Eminem heard his work on demos and in the studio with The Alchemist. Ca$his, a Chicago native transplanted in his youth to Orange Co., California, was a member of West Coast underground favorites The Renegadez.

Rampant misinformation about Eminem Presents: The Re-Up included many false internet tracklistings and that the mixtape would be a tribute to D12's Proof, the recently slain rapper and close friend of Eminem. "The D12 album and those unreleased songs with Proof are coming," said Eminem. "But The Re-Up is about these new artists and these new songs. It isn't fair to them or to the memory of Proof to mix them up."

Monday, November 20, 2006


Eminem said that a new D12 album is coming, featuring tracks recorded with member Proof before his death.

The next release for Eminem is a compilation set for an early December release called 'The Re-Up' where he presents new artists like Stat Quo, Ca$his and Bobby Creekwater.

In other Eminem news: He's back at top of the UK singles chart after his "Smack That" collaboration with Akon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Eminem Presents The Re-Up Tracklist

1. Shady Narcotics - Eminem Intro
2. We're Back - Eminem, Obie Trice, Stat Quo, Bobby Creekwater & Cashis
3. Pistol Pistol (Remix) - Obie Trice
4. Murder - Bizarre & Kuniva of D-12
5. Everything Is Shady - Cashis
6. The Re-Up - Eminem & 50 Cent
7. You Don't Know - 50 Cent, Eminem, Cashis & Lloyd Banks
8. Jimmy Crack Corn - Eminem & 50 Cent
9. Trapped - Proof of D-12
10. Whatever You Want - Swifty Mc Vay & Mr. Porter of D-12
11. Talkin' All That - Cashis
12. By My Side - Stat Quo
13. We Ride For Shady - Obie Trice & Cashis
14. There He Is - Bobby Creekwater
15. Tryin' Ta Win - Stat Quo
16. Smack That (Remix) - Akon featuring Stat Quo & Bobby Creekwater
17. Public Enemy #1 - Eminem
18. Get Low - Stat Quo
19. Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) - 50 Cent
20. Shake That (Remix) - Nate Dogg, Eminem, Obie Trice & Bobby Creekwater
21. Cry Now (Shady Remix) - Obie Trice, Kuniva, Bobby Creekwater, Cashis & Stat Quo
22. No Apologies - Eminem

Friday, November 17, 2006

Kanye West Named World's Best Hip-Hop Artist At World Music Awards

The World Music Awards took place in London for the first time last night.

The evening, which paid special tribute to Michael Jackson, was billed as a come back event for the world's biggest pop star, but the evening turned out to be a case of more hype than action.

Hundreds of fans waited for hours outside Earls Court arena in West London to get a glimpse of the 'King of Pop.'

Fans were left disappointed after Jackson failed to greet them when he arrived at the venue, resulting in angry jeers from the crowd.

The show was opened by Beyonce Knowles, who performed a mix of her hit singles "Ring the Alarm" and "Deja Vu," which was arguably the best performance of the night.

During the night, Beyonce also won the award for Best International Female, which was presented to her by Fashion Icon and fragrance partner, Tommy Hilfiger.

Other winners included Kanye West, who was named World's Best Hip-Hop Artist, besting the likes of TI, Busta Rhymes and Chamillionaire, who was incorrectly announced as "Shamillionaire."

The World's Best Pop Artist was given to Madonna and the World's Best Pop/Rock Artist went to Nelly Furtado.

Organizers had announced that Michael Jackson would perform his hit single "Thriller," but Jackson claimed this was a "misunderstanding."

Instead, R&B singer Chris Brown performed the legendary 1983 hit single.

Jackson was recognized for selling over 100 million albums worldwide with a Diamond Award, which was presented by Beyonce.

"He's made such a big impact on my life and on every performer's life," Beyonce said. "Michael Jackson, we love you. Congratulations to the King".

During an emotional speech, Jackson thanked his friends, family and fans.

"I'm greatly humbled by this award. It was my dream that Thriller would become the biggest selling album ever," Jackson said. "I thank God and you for it's success. There have been so many who have loved and stood by me for the 25 years I have been in the entertainment industry. I'd like to thank my children particularly Paris, Prince and Blanket for their unconditional love."

Finally, a teenage choir appeared singing the 1985 mega hit, "We Are The World."

It was supposed to be a step towards Jackson's come back, but the performance fell flat.

Jackson managed to sing only a few lines of the song and during the fleeting performance, his voice appeared to crack and falter on the high notes.

The performance finished midway, when the musical accompaniment suddenly disappeared.
Organizers of the annual World Music Awards have also been criticized for a chaotic and unorganized evening.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Timbaland Nabs 50 Cent, Dr. Dre For LP, Starts Timberlake Gossip Frenzy

Thanks to his work on recent projects by Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, as well as the upcoming 50 Cent LP, Timbaland is enjoying what he's been accustomed to for the past 10 years of his career — success.

But even with his storied discography of classics for everyone from Aaliyah and Missy Elliott to Jay-Z and LL Cool J, Tim said that over the past couple of years, when he wasn't putting out as much music, he heard whispers that he might be losing his touch.

"Everybody was talking their little trash, y'all know who y'all are," Tim said at his studio last week. "They said, 'Timbaland is falling off.' I don't never fall off. I just relax like a vampire in the coffin. When I wake up, you better be prepared, because somebody is going to get bit on the neck. Next thing you know, I have a slew of vampires running around. When you become the best like me, you never fall off, you just lean back.

"Well somebody call Blade, because Count Drac is wide awake and ready to wreak even more havoc next year when his upcoming LP, tentatively titled Timbaland Presents Shock Value, comes out. "I'm not just hip-hop," Tim insisted. "My mission is to take over top-40 radio — what they call popular music, different genres of music — and reach all types of people."

It seems like Tim reached out to almost everyone in every corner of the music industry for the project, which he's calling a compilation. One track is "what everybody is waiting for," he revealed, "me and Dr. Dre. I did [the beat], it's hard. I got 50, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne. The other stuff is rock: She Wants Revenge, the Hives, I'm about to get the Fall Out Boys, Björk, Elton John." Tim went on to say that he's interested in eventually signing the Hives and M.I.A.

"Last Piece of the Puzzle," his collabo with John, was recorded in Las Vegas. "It was cool. I didn't have him sing, I had him play. I was like, 'Go ahead, John.' I might get a choir to sing on top of it."

Though the album is packed with headline-making names, Tim's first single is already newsworthy. "Give it to Me" has Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and Tim throwing subliminal jabs in their verses, and it's up to the audience to figure it out what — or who — they're talking about. "I seen you try to switch it up, but girl you ain't that dope," Furtado sings. Tim's verse includes the lines, "I'm a real producer and you just a piano man/ Your song moved up the charts I heard, but I'm not a fan/ N---as talking greasy, I'm the one that gave them they chance/ Somebody need to tell them they can't do it like I can."

The Internet has been most abuzz about Timberlake's verse, though, with gossip sites speculating that his harsh words are aimed at Janet Jackson: "I saw you tryin' to act cute on TV, 'Just let me clear the air'/ We missed you on the charts last week/ Damn, that's right, you wasn't there/ Now if sexy never left, then why is everybody on my sh--?/ Don't hate on me just because you didn't come up with it."

A source close to the record said that Timberlake's lyrics have nothing to do with his infamous Super Bowl co-star — but he is responding to another pop artist who has seen career heights few other singers can boast.

Tim's album will come out via his Mosley Music imprint, like Nelly Furtado's Loose. He's hoping to have the LP ready for a March release date.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Game Week

The Game will be making a variety of TV appearances this week in support of the release of his sophomore album, Doctor's Advocate.
The Compton bred rapper, who appeared on both MTV's "TRL" and BET's "106 & Park" on November 13th will be seen performing at the first BET Hip-Hop Awards which airs today (November 15th) at 9:00 pm.

He will then make appearances on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday (November 16th) and "Last Call with Carson Daly" on Friday (November 17th).

Doctor's Advocate, which also hits shelves yesterday (November 14th), features appearances from Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Daz, Kurupt, Nas, Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes, among others.

Monday, November 13, 2006

T.I. Wins Big At First BET Hip-Hop Awards

Grandmaster Flash breathed a sigh of relief after being recognized for his turntable expertise, and T.I. finally believes the South has gotten some respect. The Atlanta-based rapper, who was up for eight awards, won best hip-hop video, CD and MVP of the year at the first-ever BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta.

"You can't hate on hard work and talent," he said. "This awards show will show people a lot about where I come from." The show will air Nov. 15 in syndication.

Grandmaster Flash was honored with the I Am Hip Hop Icon award. When Flash received the award, he gave recognition to all other disc jockeys he's met, saying being a DJ was better than rapping. "To get an award for my technological ability means a whole lot more than anything else I've accomplished in my life," he said.

When hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs took the stage, he offered brief words for R&B singer Gerald Levert and Ed Bradley, who both died last week."Let's celebrate their lives," Diddy said. "People will forever miss y'all."

Rappers Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri and Young Jeezy teamed with super-producer Lil' Jon to kick off the show with the 2001 hit, "Welcome To Atlanta." Dupri, who won best producer, said he felt humbled for having the event in Atlanta.

"For the awards to be in my city and I win something for producing, it's exciting," he said. "The outcome was something I could never imagine."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Eminem Nominated in People's Choice Awards

Eminem is nominated for Favorite Hip Hop song for "Shake That" featuring Nate Dogg. He is up against "Ridin Dirty" by Chamillionaire and "Grillz" by Nelly. Vote.
If you ask me this is a joke. None of these songs are good, and certainly not best hip hop song of 2006.

Eminem signs with ICM for film representation

Eminem has signed with talent agency International Creative Management (ICM) for representation in Hollywood as the Detroit superstar looks to boost his presence in film.

Eminem left his old firm United Talent Agency (UTA) and has brought his Paramount-based production company, Interscope/Shady/Aftermath Films, along with him under ICM. With the move, Eminem is looking to book more film roles to supplement his previous work in 2002's semiautobiographical "8 Mile," which brought him critical acclaim and earned him a best original song Oscar for "Lose Yourself."

He is currently attached to star in a feature adaptation of "Have Gun, Will Travel" for Paramount Pictures. Eminem continues to be represented in all areas by Goliath Artists Inc.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eminem and 50 Cent on the cover of new Vibe

Eminem and 50 Cent cover the December Issue of Vibe Magazine, and I heard it’s going to be a good one. Word is the two will talk about their close friendship as well as business relationship. 50 will reveal that he knows Em is the boss, and he will act accordingly.

They also speak about how their children play together (along with Dre’s kids), and how 50 came to Proof’s funeral even though he didn’t have to.

The Game - Doctors Advocate - New Interview

The Game's sophomore outing, Doctor's Advocate, is almost upon us. And as it inches closer, the question on everyone's mind is: can he do it again? In The Game's mind, his future is set in stone and no matter who's on his album, he's gonna do numbers. In fact, the rapper says his new name is Mr. Soundscan.

With question marks hovering over his head, The Game seems to never lose faith in his music. And the way his singles have been blazing radio, fans haven't either. Chopping it up with BallerStatus, The Game speaks on what's different as he gears up for his second release, who's helped him keep his name alive and why Black Wall Street is the label to watch for in 2007.

Hate him or love him, he's got all eyes on him. It's Game time! You've been promoting your album for a month or so now, and it seems every interview I read they wanna know if Dre is on there or how you feel you will do without 50. What do you feel is the most important thing about you dropping your sophomore album?

The Game: That I did it by myself. It's executive produced by The Game. Although you only have one album out, it seems as though you've been here for a while. Every mixtape or freestyle you've dropped since The Documentary has gotten a lot of attention. Why do you feel you're able to garner so much attention being such still such a new artist?

The Game: I ain't even that new no more man. I've been around for a while now, so can you really say The Game is new? I mean, like, who don't know who I am, as far as hip-hop is concerned. I think that I'm in oblivion, right between new artist and hip-hop legend. Well, you're definitely not the new kid on the block, but as far as albums, you really only have one out.

The Game: In this day and age, it's like two albums... if you can get two albums out, you like a vet [laughs]. N----s ain't even lasting that long no more. They be putting out one album and the numbers are so ridiculous that you never hear from them again. So, I think if you get two albums out, you're damn near a veteran.

But, I feel good man. This is the best I've ever felt man. I'm talking to you with a smile on my face man. It's a new day. It's Game time again. The Doctor's Advocate is about to drop and I'mma show and prove... show everybody how to really do Soundscan numbers. That's my new name too -- Mr. Soundscan. You've been through a lot over the past couple years since your debut. What have you learned from your time in the industry thus far?

The Game: I've learned that you can't make no friends and you can't trust nobody 'cause everybody in this sh-- is snakes. And everybody is self-motivated and out to make their own paper, so you just gotta do your own thing. As far as the future, what does it hold for you right now?

The Game: The future for me is Black Wall Street business. That's it. Any way I can branch out with my company, whether if be clothing, movies, or anything, I'm doing it. I got Black Wall Street Films; I got a bunch of directors, most notably, Tadow with Tadow Productions/Black Wall Street. I [also] got producers -- Nu Jerzy Devil [aka] El Diablo, he's holding it down. I got artists as well. My new artist from the West Coast creating the biggest buzz is Juice. I'm reading scripts, man. We got Black Wall Street clothing coming out. I got a company called Fly Boy, that's an upscale line. I got the Hurricanes out there selling. I'm putting out heavy mixtapes. I'm everywhere, man. I'm on the cover of every f---in' magazine. You know what it is, man. Like you said, it's Game time again. When you're debut dropped you got a lot of the same attention from the media, radio, etc. How does it feel to come back again and get the same love?

The Game: Ah, man. It feel good. When I first came out there was a lot of mixed feelings between the hip-hop fans. People either loved me or hated me, and that's why I wrote the song "Hate It Or Love It," which had big success. But, now, when I went out on my promo tour on the East Coast... like last time, I was getting mixed phone calls. Some people were saying they were loving the music, but then there were others saying that I ain't brought back nothing, I ain't nothing, I can't rap, just another West Coast flop. Then, the album dropped and everybody jumped ship, you know what I'm saying? Now, I went on the promo tour and everybody was giving me love, saying I'm this and thanks for bringing real hip-hop back. It's just a lot of love out there, man. But, it's enough room in hip-hop for everybody. The Doctor's Advocate, you've already talked about the features and producers countless times, so talk about the songs themselves a little. How many tracks can we expect on there, and what are your favorite songs this time around and why?

The Game: It's 16 tracks on the album, and that's about as far as I go into talking about it. I like to keep people on the edge of they seats, and of course, you'd love for me to talk about them because that's in what you do. But me, I love to keep that big question mark in the sky, and just ask people to wait until November 14, which is not too far away. You got people still out there waiting for Detox, so it they can wait for that, they can definitely wait for the Doctor's Advocate. Ok, well, the street single, "One Blood," dropped a while back and it got instant love. You were getting spins the same day you leaked it. Was it a surprise, to you, that the single got as much burn as it did?

The Game: Man, I'm The Game [laughs]. I had "How We Do," "Hate It Or Love It," "Dreams," "Put You On The Game"... I've been around, man. I've done countless mixtapes. I'm definitely most notable for the resurge of the West Coast.

I put out "One Blood" because I knew exactly what it was gonna do -- exactly what hip-hop needed and exactly what I needed to say. It was a dope beat, a dope track, brought Junior Reid out who did his vocals and it was a wrap. It is what it is, it's classic gangsta sh--. It's West Coast; it's universal. DJ Skee has been instrumental in keeping your music in the streets, via the mixtapes you've dropped with him. How has his knowledge in the game helped you keep your buzz up, and what was it about Skee that drew him to you?

The Game: Me and DJ Skee have been getting down for years now. Like, I don't even remember. I just know that he was like the hottest DJ in L.A. at the time and I was the hottest rap artist, so we decided collaborate.

At first, I thought DJ Skee was a black dude until I seen him man. He's whiter than a white-T, so I gave him that nickname -- DJ Skee, Whiter Than A White-T.

He's talented though. He's got a great business mind and he's my business partner, as far as Black Wall Street is concerned. I can definitely say between DJ Skee and [Nu Jerzy Devil], they kept me alive when the whole deck of cards were stacked up against me and had my back against the wall. These are the guys I looked to for, umm, to uplift me. They gave me a lot of information and a lot of support. Skee drew out the plan, I put my cap on it and we won. This time around, there is no 50 and you're not on Aftermath, so the success or failure of this album is all on you. Does that give you any added pressure?

The Game: Hell nah, man. I feel free as a God damn slave. I'm glad I ain't got no 50 on this album, no Dr. Dre beats, because nobody can give them all the props for the success of this album. Like I said, a week after this album drops, we gonna know if The Game is the sh-- or if my career died because of the non-Dr. Dre influence or 50 Cent being absent.

I'm doing my thing. I'm about to put my stamp on hip-hop in a real way. Black Wall Street, we're taking over. We're the guerillas and we gonna guerilla the game come 2007. Now, when that first week comes and you do the numbers you predicted, what will be your reaction?

The Game: I'm just gonna smile 'cause I already know what I'm gonna do. I already know my numbers. I'm probably pretty accurate. I got an accurate number, man. I'm psychic; I already know what I'm doing the first week. As far as Black Wall Street, your artist roster has changed so frequently, most don't know who's on BWS or off. Can you clear it up for us?

The Game: The only artist I'm focusing on right now is an artist who's gonna take on the weight of the West Coast. He's a new artist outta Arizona named Juice. 50 tried to sign him, he declined. He hit me up 'cause he'd rather get down with us, so we had open arms for him. He came in and he's been holding it down on the mixtapes. That's Juice, remember that name. He's been real heavy on the tapes, he's holding it down and the people are feeling his flow, but I'll let the streets be the judge. And the streets say he's next, so I'm focused on his project. Look out for him next year too. Putting out artists and being an artist are two different things. Do you feel you have what it takes to do both?

The Game: I take each day as it comes, and make the best decisions for myself, my family and my company. Last words?

The Game: Sh--, f--- the world, Doctor's Advocate in stores November 14.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You Don't Know video is out + One Blood Remix

Eminem, 50 Cent, Ca$his, Lloyd Banks - You Don't Know video is finally out. Besides these, you can see a lot other artists from Shady/Aftermath in the video. Watch it here.

The Game - One Blood Remix (Offical). I was very surprised with this. The track is almost 12 minutes long and it features 24 artists! It was OK remix, only the beat is annoying when you listen to it for 12 minutes. Anyway, you can download it here. If anyone is interested in lyrics, post a comment, and I'll upload them.

The Game HHNLive Interview

Once again interview from The Game. His album is out on November 14th, so we hear a lot from him these days. Just a few quotes from interview:

" B: And who are some of the people handling the production?

Game: Just Blaze, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch and… those are some big names, just to name a few.

B: Who's executive producer? You?

Game: The Game? "


" B: You were in a coma.

Game: True.

B: You once sold drugs.

Game: True.

B: 50's the reason Dr. Dre's not on your upcoming album.

Game: False. "

Read the whole interview here.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Eminem plans new album?

Eminem is working on his new album. "He has cancelled his retirement plans", said Akon. "Eminem told me he was getting bored with everything' which is why he took a break. But he's back working on an album and I've got some records ready for him to use on it."

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg readies for his highly anticipated album "The Blue Carpet Treatment" releasing on November 21. Early buzz from industry insiders promise a classic album complete with the reunion of Snoop and Dr. Dre with three bangers from the dynamic duo.

This classic pairing marks the duo's first collaborative effort in approximately five years and promises to make history once again.

Snoop says, "'That's That' is theme music for a classy gangsta party - that's when you ladies pull out the high heels and the playas pull out the three-piece suits. You'll see in the video! Me and R. Kelly had a lot of fun shooting this one."

The video for "That's That" will make its MTV Prime Time Premiere on November 7.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

You Don't Know - feat. Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Ca$his

Video for the first single from album "Eminem Presents the Re-Up" should be out soon. Here is a little sneak peak.

New Game Interview

Let’s get this straight. Despite titling his new release Doctor’s Advocate, The Game decided to cut the Dr. Dre-produced tracks he recorded for it to demonstrate he can succeed without the G-funk founder’s assistance.

“You’re like the first person who’s got that right, ever,” the rapper confirms during a late-night call from Paris, where he’s promoting the album. And it’s a good thing, ’cause he sounds rather annoyed about it all.

“I appreciate Dre for everything he did, but he produced three-and-a-half, maybe four records,” the Game says of The Documentary, the 10th best-selling LP of 2005. “The album was 18 tracks deep and people were saying I wouldn’t have been able to make a classic without Dre. Then what the f*ck were the other 14 tracks?”

Nine months ago, comments like that started beating The Game down, to a point where he would hide in his closest crying, wondering where the respect he’d earned had gone.

“As human beings, we all face adversity,” he says vaguely. “Sometimes things render us helpless and we’re backed into a corner, so we need to poke our chests out and climb out of that black hole. Once I did, with my son being my motivation, I found my way to the top.”

His son, Harlem Caron Taylor, is only 3, but he’s already attended the Grammys and is apparently a hip-hop fan. “He dances and pops around the car seat to anything with a bass line,” The Game says. “He likes Chingy, [Webstar’s] ‘Chicken Noodle Soup.’ I don’t know who his favorite rapper is right now, but it’s definitely not me.”

The Game’s planning to win Harlem — along with the rest of the world — over, however, with Doctor’s Advocate. And while Dre and now-nemesis 50 Cent received executive producer credits on his multi-platinum debut, the 26-year-old Compton MC took control on the follow-up, even down to sequencing the songs, meticulous work to which he claims few other rappers pay much attention. “And why should they care when they just trying to get that next chain or a number one video on 106 and Park?” he says. “Me, I’m a fan of the old, so I try to format my albums similar to my favorite hip-hop classics.”

Although without the Aftermath and G-Unit stamps, Doctor’s Advocate is still chock-full of A-list names: Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Will.I.Am, to name a few.
“Will’s got so much f*cking energy, just dancing around the studio all day,” The Game says with his usual lack of f*cking energy, painting an Odd Couple-esque picture of their sessions. “Whatever. He makes hit records and he made me one too. He was signed with Eazy [late rapper Eazy-E] and Eazy was it with me, so that link is dope for me.” (The Game was recently mentoring Eazy-E’s son “but it went unappreciated, so I stepped away,” he says.)

Nas and Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry are featured on The Game’s favorite track, an epic 10-minute jam ironically titled “Why I Hate The Game.” “When we did the song that’s how long it came out and I never cut it down,” he says. “Everybody who hears that song walks away thinking about their life, reanalyzing everything.”

The Game also recorded at least five tracks with his Beverly Hills neighbors, Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, but those went the way of the Dre material. “This album pretty much decides the fate of the rest of my career and I didn’t want to play any games with it, so everything on here is serious,” he says.

At the Vibe Awards in Los Angeles last November, where The Game accepted the “Hottest Hook” award (for the 50 collabo “Hate It or Love It”) with “G-Unot” carved in his hair, the rapper warned that “G-Unit got problems” when Doctor’s Advocate hit shelves. A year later, though, the album is surprisingly easy on his short-lived crew.

“G-Unit already got problems,” The Game explains. “I thought it was going to take my album to dismantle their squad, but just with the mix tapes, I pretty much melted their hopes of being successful in ’07 months ago. The only person 50 can save at this point is himself. We’ve seen [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo and Mobb Deep flop, and I think that says a lot about what I did to that movement.”

He pauses as if patting himself on the back. “You know, what goes around comes around and this time around, I’m not Ja Rule,” he quips, referring to the gruffly-voiced Murder Inc. act who took a beating from G-Unit during their prime.

Although Dre’s still aligned with G-Unit, it hasn’t affected The Game’s relationship with the super-producer. “I talked to him a few weeks ago and he’s proud of me,” he says. As for those shelved tracks? “Maybe if I die, they’ll end up putting it out,” the Game says. “Game-aveli 28 or something.”

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Snoop Dogg's New Video

The video for "That's That" from Snoop's new album "Blue Carpet Treatment" will be premiering world wide on MTV this Tuesday, November 7th at 3:30pm EST on TRL and 11pm EST.

Friday, November 03, 2006

50 Cent to star in Katrina thriller

50 Cent and Robert De Niro are poised to star in a crime drama set in New Orleans following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The independent production will see De Niro play a police officer who believes his partner was killed during the storm only to find out that he was in fact murdered. 50 Cent plays De Niro's new partner.
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Eminem Presents The Re-Up CD Cover

Here is a CD cover of new album which will be out on December 5th. Eminem said on his radio Shade 45 that he draw the cover free-hand and it took him a month to do it. Take a look...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nas, Game and Banks

About Nas - "Hip Hop is Dead"

The new Nas album "Hip Hop is Dead" features production by Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Just Blaze, DJ Premier, and Scott Storch. Guest appearances include The Game, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West. "Hip Hop Is Dead" is slated to hit shelves on December 19.
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The Game

Game's album leaked few days ago, but since its illegal to post those songs, I'll just tell you there are some very very good songs, and you can hear a great song which has the same name as his album "Doctor's Advocate" featuring Busta Rhymes, on his Myspace page. Visit htp://

Banks dissing The Game

War between G-Unit and The Game seems to be neverending. Take a look at this video of Lloyd Banks dissing The Game at BET. Very weak I would say.


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