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The Game - Doctors Advocate - New Interview

The Game's sophomore outing, Doctor's Advocate, is almost upon us. And as it inches closer, the question on everyone's mind is: can he do it again? In The Game's mind, his future is set in stone and no matter who's on his album, he's gonna do numbers. In fact, the rapper says his new name is Mr. Soundscan.

With question marks hovering over his head, The Game seems to never lose faith in his music. And the way his singles have been blazing radio, fans haven't either. Chopping it up with BallerStatus, The Game speaks on what's different as he gears up for his second release, who's helped him keep his name alive and why Black Wall Street is the label to watch for in 2007.

Hate him or love him, he's got all eyes on him. It's Game time! You've been promoting your album for a month or so now, and it seems every interview I read they wanna know if Dre is on there or how you feel you will do without 50. What do you feel is the most important thing about you dropping your sophomore album?

The Game: That I did it by myself. It's executive produced by The Game. Although you only have one album out, it seems as though you've been here for a while. Every mixtape or freestyle you've dropped since The Documentary has gotten a lot of attention. Why do you feel you're able to garner so much attention being such still such a new artist?

The Game: I ain't even that new no more man. I've been around for a while now, so can you really say The Game is new? I mean, like, who don't know who I am, as far as hip-hop is concerned. I think that I'm in oblivion, right between new artist and hip-hop legend. Well, you're definitely not the new kid on the block, but as far as albums, you really only have one out.

The Game: In this day and age, it's like two albums... if you can get two albums out, you like a vet [laughs]. N----s ain't even lasting that long no more. They be putting out one album and the numbers are so ridiculous that you never hear from them again. So, I think if you get two albums out, you're damn near a veteran.

But, I feel good man. This is the best I've ever felt man. I'm talking to you with a smile on my face man. It's a new day. It's Game time again. The Doctor's Advocate is about to drop and I'mma show and prove... show everybody how to really do Soundscan numbers. That's my new name too -- Mr. Soundscan. You've been through a lot over the past couple years since your debut. What have you learned from your time in the industry thus far?

The Game: I've learned that you can't make no friends and you can't trust nobody 'cause everybody in this sh-- is snakes. And everybody is self-motivated and out to make their own paper, so you just gotta do your own thing. As far as the future, what does it hold for you right now?

The Game: The future for me is Black Wall Street business. That's it. Any way I can branch out with my company, whether if be clothing, movies, or anything, I'm doing it. I got Black Wall Street Films; I got a bunch of directors, most notably, Tadow with Tadow Productions/Black Wall Street. I [also] got producers -- Nu Jerzy Devil [aka] El Diablo, he's holding it down. I got artists as well. My new artist from the West Coast creating the biggest buzz is Juice. I'm reading scripts, man. We got Black Wall Street clothing coming out. I got a company called Fly Boy, that's an upscale line. I got the Hurricanes out there selling. I'm putting out heavy mixtapes. I'm everywhere, man. I'm on the cover of every f---in' magazine. You know what it is, man. Like you said, it's Game time again. When you're debut dropped you got a lot of the same attention from the media, radio, etc. How does it feel to come back again and get the same love?

The Game: Ah, man. It feel good. When I first came out there was a lot of mixed feelings between the hip-hop fans. People either loved me or hated me, and that's why I wrote the song "Hate It Or Love It," which had big success. But, now, when I went out on my promo tour on the East Coast... like last time, I was getting mixed phone calls. Some people were saying they were loving the music, but then there were others saying that I ain't brought back nothing, I ain't nothing, I can't rap, just another West Coast flop. Then, the album dropped and everybody jumped ship, you know what I'm saying? Now, I went on the promo tour and everybody was giving me love, saying I'm this and thanks for bringing real hip-hop back. It's just a lot of love out there, man. But, it's enough room in hip-hop for everybody. The Doctor's Advocate, you've already talked about the features and producers countless times, so talk about the songs themselves a little. How many tracks can we expect on there, and what are your favorite songs this time around and why?

The Game: It's 16 tracks on the album, and that's about as far as I go into talking about it. I like to keep people on the edge of they seats, and of course, you'd love for me to talk about them because that's in what you do. But me, I love to keep that big question mark in the sky, and just ask people to wait until November 14, which is not too far away. You got people still out there waiting for Detox, so it they can wait for that, they can definitely wait for the Doctor's Advocate. Ok, well, the street single, "One Blood," dropped a while back and it got instant love. You were getting spins the same day you leaked it. Was it a surprise, to you, that the single got as much burn as it did?

The Game: Man, I'm The Game [laughs]. I had "How We Do," "Hate It Or Love It," "Dreams," "Put You On The Game"... I've been around, man. I've done countless mixtapes. I'm definitely most notable for the resurge of the West Coast.

I put out "One Blood" because I knew exactly what it was gonna do -- exactly what hip-hop needed and exactly what I needed to say. It was a dope beat, a dope track, brought Junior Reid out who did his vocals and it was a wrap. It is what it is, it's classic gangsta sh--. It's West Coast; it's universal. DJ Skee has been instrumental in keeping your music in the streets, via the mixtapes you've dropped with him. How has his knowledge in the game helped you keep your buzz up, and what was it about Skee that drew him to you?

The Game: Me and DJ Skee have been getting down for years now. Like, I don't even remember. I just know that he was like the hottest DJ in L.A. at the time and I was the hottest rap artist, so we decided collaborate.

At first, I thought DJ Skee was a black dude until I seen him man. He's whiter than a white-T, so I gave him that nickname -- DJ Skee, Whiter Than A White-T.

He's talented though. He's got a great business mind and he's my business partner, as far as Black Wall Street is concerned. I can definitely say between DJ Skee and [Nu Jerzy Devil], they kept me alive when the whole deck of cards were stacked up against me and had my back against the wall. These are the guys I looked to for, umm, to uplift me. They gave me a lot of information and a lot of support. Skee drew out the plan, I put my cap on it and we won. This time around, there is no 50 and you're not on Aftermath, so the success or failure of this album is all on you. Does that give you any added pressure?

The Game: Hell nah, man. I feel free as a God damn slave. I'm glad I ain't got no 50 on this album, no Dr. Dre beats, because nobody can give them all the props for the success of this album. Like I said, a week after this album drops, we gonna know if The Game is the sh-- or if my career died because of the non-Dr. Dre influence or 50 Cent being absent.

I'm doing my thing. I'm about to put my stamp on hip-hop in a real way. Black Wall Street, we're taking over. We're the guerillas and we gonna guerilla the game come 2007. Now, when that first week comes and you do the numbers you predicted, what will be your reaction?

The Game: I'm just gonna smile 'cause I already know what I'm gonna do. I already know my numbers. I'm probably pretty accurate. I got an accurate number, man. I'm psychic; I already know what I'm doing the first week. As far as Black Wall Street, your artist roster has changed so frequently, most don't know who's on BWS or off. Can you clear it up for us?

The Game: The only artist I'm focusing on right now is an artist who's gonna take on the weight of the West Coast. He's a new artist outta Arizona named Juice. 50 tried to sign him, he declined. He hit me up 'cause he'd rather get down with us, so we had open arms for him. He came in and he's been holding it down on the mixtapes. That's Juice, remember that name. He's been real heavy on the tapes, he's holding it down and the people are feeling his flow, but I'll let the streets be the judge. And the streets say he's next, so I'm focused on his project. Look out for him next year too. Putting out artists and being an artist are two different things. Do you feel you have what it takes to do both?

The Game: I take each day as it comes, and make the best decisions for myself, my family and my company. Last words?

The Game: Sh--, f--- the world, Doctor's Advocate in stores November 14.


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